14 September 2011

Review: Finger Wrap

Now, first off I didn't have a clue as to why anyone would need this. Seems a little surplus. However after engaging my brain I think for me personally this is a must have item! It came wrapped in bubble wrap and in this little plastic wrap

So what is this? Well it is elasticated tape, which you cut a bit off the roll and wrap around your finger the way you would a plaster / band aid. It isn't sticky but it sticks to itself as its made of latex so be careful if you have an allergy.

They say ~ A must have for all nail technicians especially those who do lots of nail extensions and find they damage their own nails when filing. Easy to use, just cut a piece and wrap it around either your index, thumb or middle finger. Can be used on natural nails or false nails.

Like I said at first I didn't think that this item was needed for myself, but I do seem to have a habit or damaging myself. For example I cut all my fingers with stamping plates, ended up with shredded finger tips from cutting up fimo canes, my middle finger ends up red and painful when doing a lot of stamping from the plastic rubbing against the skin. Creating acrylic flowers with a craft knife ended up with multiple cuts across my finger too even today I have managed to get a blister on my finger from doing up zips.

Okay so I may be more clumsy than most but in all of those situations if I had used this tape the damage wouldn't have happened. The only criticism would be that when you order the tape you don't get a choice of colour but that is just me preferring black rather than pink! 

For 63p (free worldwide delivery) I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to end up with mangled fingers. What's the point in having lovely nails and cut up fingers?

10 / 10

£0.63 ~ BuyInCoins

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