12 September 2011

Review: French Nail Tip Guides

Another item from BuyInCoins, I really like this site. Why are all the wonderful nail art items so cheap in Hong Kong! Still best not complain we can still get them all over the world for free postage and packing.

I usually get my french nail tip guides from Poundland, but gave these a go for a change. For 64p I got three packs of 48 nail guides

First thing I noticed what the shape of the sticker was a lot more curved than the ones I am used to

But that's not to say they wouldn't work. I got together my bits and gave them a go
OPI - Nail Envy
ELF - Red Velvet
No.7 - Beautiful Black
Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri

I attached the guides to my fingernails once I had painted a base coat, two layers of ELF and one of the top coat to help the polish dry quickly

It wasn't to difficult to attach them, and if you misalign them they can be peeled off and reattached and are still sticky enough to be effective. You will need to paint a thick layer of the tip colour, then as soon as you have done that peel off the sticker. This will give a really distinct french nail line.

Once you have done this it will look a little like this

After a quick clean up and another layer of quick drying top coat you have a nice french manicure

The smile lines don't look too curved on the nail, I really like this colour way too

I would completely recommend these to anyone who wants to try out french nail stickers, makes it so easy and they are really cheap. In Poundland I got one sheet of 48, for less than a pound I got 144 from BuyInCoins

10 / 10

64p - 144 French Nail Guides

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