17 September 2011

Review: Lush - Frog Prince

This bath ballistic came out for Valentines Day 2011

A very cute looking  ballistic, would be nice if it were re-released for 2012

Lush say ~ Let this chappy fizz away revealing a Lush Prince. An aphrodisiac blend with sweet undertones of jasmine, neroli and rosewood.

I have to admit that this ballistic is cute, a little frog puckering up. The frog itself fizzed away nicely while the lips seemed to have floated up and behaved more like a bath melt. The scent to me was a very light jasmine one which is nice but it didn't linger on the skin for very long.

There is me in the bath relaxing when I notice something floating around in the bath with me...

... another man! What would my fiancé say!!

More of a novelty ballistic than an essential.


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