11 September 2011

Review: MUA - Primer

I got this when it first came out in a hope that it would be the HG of cheap primers, unfortunatly it didn't live up to my expectionations. 

They sayA velvety smooth face primer that can be worn alone or under foundation. The lightweight formula evens out complexion to give a flawless finish for long-lasting results.

Packaging is nice enough, looks quite sleek really being black and silver. The silver writing is the type which does come off easily. I also had problems with the nozzle of this popping out, would have been easy to put back in though had I of been able to find it.

Product is a thin lotion white coloured primer, it goes on easily and feels very watery in consistency. It thins out and doesn't leave a white cast on the skin at all. I waited and then applied my make up and it didn't help it apply, didn't minimise pores and most importantly didn't make my make up stay on any longer than it would of had I of not used a primer. The scent isn't offensive, very much a typical 'unscented' scent.

Overall I don't like this high street primer, for £4 I did expect better. I will continue to use this up though as a light moisturiser rather than a primer. For now the search is still on for the holy grail of primers on the high street.

1 / 10

Have you tried this? Any primers you recommend?

£4 -25ml

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