4 September 2011

Storage: Perfumes of Mine

I was always going to do this post but admitedly was hurried along and inspired by the wonderfully talented Klaire DeLys and her fragrance post. I don't have too many perfumes as they do go bad and that would be such a waste. 

Fragrance #1 ~ Gwen Stefani - Harajuku Lovers: Music
They say: Music is a delicate floral fragrance. Made up with notes of Clementine, Sparkling Pear, Jasmine Sambac, Sweet Pea, Honeysuckle, Vanilla, Skin Musk and Sleek Wood

I just really like this one, I think it is aimed at teenagers but the scent to me is lovely. It is a delicate floral but totally not that 'old lady floral scent' I also get the jasmine. Lasts well on the skin too. The packaging is cute and while it may look alright on a dressing table it is totally impractical for taking with you due to the plastic girl on top.


Fragrance #2 ~ Anna Sui - Dolly Girl

They say: Carefree and mischevious, Dolly Girl captivates with sparkling bergamot and juicy melon, crisp apple and a hint of cinnamon, all mingling with the intoxicating fragrance of magnolia and jasmine for a warm, sexy and unexpected allure

Its almost empty! I did get it for my 22nd birthday though so that's quite a long while ago now. The bottle is glass and very sweet, the cameo of a woman. The scent is more grown up than the previous one, I again get the smell of jasmine, melon but it is a little warmer more uplifting scent to me.


Fragrance #3 ~ Lush Forum Special - Candy Fluff
They say: Candy Fluff leaves you smelling sweet as a pink, candy floss fairy and feeling just as pretty without the calories. Enjoy it without gaining weight

This is the scent of snow fairy, the shower gel from Lush. It is very girly and playful, to me it smells of sweeties, jelly babies and all that sickly sweet stuff if you eat too much you feel ill. I have a back up of this which is just as well because its a forum special and you never know when it will come out again. The packaging is simple although the shape of the bottle does take up a lot of room, which is why I am knocking off 1/2 a point!


Fragrance #4 ~ Lush Forum Special - Honey I Washed The Kids
They say: A fragrance made by the famous Honey I Washed the Kids soap from Lush, delicious with toffee and honey aromas. It opens with bergamot and sweet orange to brighten your day.

I adore this scent it is spot on as to the HIWTK soap, the scent really lingers. Its a sweet, honey and toffee scent as they describe. Not sure I can smell the bergamot. The bottle is a lot better than the previous one.


Fragrance #5 ~ Lush Forum Special - The Comforter
They say: The warm aroma of cassis absolute is relaxing so relaxing that you'll go to bed feeling happier and the world will seem brighter the next day

This looks quite battered in, that was more to do with loosing the tag moving. The bottle is quite big which is nice, as for the scent I get the cassis absolute, it smells almost like the comforter bubble bar but there is a sharpness to the scent when you first spray it. Luckily it wears off after 10mins. Lasts well on the skin. To me its about 80% accurate as to the right scent which it is trying to emulate.


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