3 September 2011

Tutorial: How I Stamp Nails (fauxnad)

This is a quick tutorial on how I go about stamping designs on my nails. I haven't quite yet mastered the art of whole nail stamping although if and when I do then I may just do another tutorial then.

So to begin I set up the following:
Special white stamping polish - BPS
Stamping plate: M78 - BPS
Stamper - BPS
An old plastic card (e.g. credit card)
Cotton wool ball
Pure acetone

Go ahead and paint the polish over the design

Then taking your plastic card drag it over the plate at an angle
I prefer to use an old card because its plastic, traditionally scrapers are metal which can scratch your plates. Also I have found the plastic card can scrape across the plate closer than a metal one which means a cleaner image. Any guesses as to what card I am using here?

Then quickly roll the stamper over the image, you don't have to press too hard for this

Roll over the nail to transfer the image
Polish: Accesorize - Aztec

- Use pure acetone on a cotton wool ball to clean the stamp and the plate. Pure acetone dries quickly which is why I recommend it, if you use standard polish remover then dry the plate surface before re-stamping
- Rolling the stamper over the plate and the nail helps to lift and lay down the pattern
- Use a top coat before stamping, once it is dry it means if you make a mistake you can remove it without damaging the polish underneath
- Use a top coat after stamping as the stamping polish can look matte and come off without it
- Choose a none dragging, smudging, streaking type top coat (e.g. seché vite, sally hansen insta dri)

I am not an expert at this, so if you can think of anything else to add to my how to then do let me know!

[not sponsored or affiliated by BPS, just so happens my stamping 'kit' is mostly from them!]

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