20 September 2011

Tutorial: Nail Painting

How do you paint your nails so they aren't lumpy or flooding your cuticle with polish?

Begin with your dry base coat, then dip your brush in the polish and then wiping the brush against the neck so the polish is on one side of the brush. Push the brush up against your nail, towards the bottom, and push it towards your cuticle leaving a few mm gap. Then pull the brush up towards the free edge (nail tip)

[I used OPI - Nevermore]

Once you have a line down the middle, you would want to repeat the process to the right

And then the left

Once its dry you might need to do another coat. Practice, practice, practice!

Oh and use a top coat to keep it shiny and lasting longer, this is a matte finish so that's why I didn't do that this time.

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