29 October 2011

Review: BIC - Print Scarves

Not your usual review for my blog but something again I wanted to share!

I saw these two scarves on BuyInCoins.com and just had to order them both. I was dubious as to the quality especially for the price but I was very pleasantly surprised.

First one is this black one with a cherry print;

The size of it is 150cm x 44cm
The site describes the fabric as cotton, however I don't think it is, more of a chiffon. 

£1.98 - Buy In Coins

The second one I got was this purple leopard one. This is more of a autumnal scarf than the previous one as its thicker and a bit warmer

The size of this one is 170cm x 60cm
The site describes the fabric as rayon and nylon. I'm not 100% sure it is, feels like a thin cotton material to me. 

The photo below is a much more colour accurate one

£2.11 - BuyInCoins

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