23 October 2011

Review: OPI - Original Nail Envy

"Top-selling product for weak or damaged nails.
OPI Nail Envy is an award winning product that provides maximum strengthening and protection for your nails. Hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium encourage harder, longer, stronger, natural nails. Nail Envy is ideal for weak, damaged nails and can be used as a base and top coat"

For some unknown reason at the beginning of the year I had really bendy nails. So I got this nail envy and some herbal tablets, but more on those in another blog. In an attempt to get them sorted I chopped them all off really short and began using the nail envy every time I did my nails as a base coat. 

+ Glass like finish when used on the nails
+ Does help the nail bend less
+ 15ml Bottle
+ Brush shape is perfect

Things that put me off the product:
- Price
- Over use leads to brittle nails
- Can't clearly find out if this treatment is 3 free
(if you know, do share)

I do like this and may go on to buy the maintenance version. But I would not pay £18 for it. I got this one from BeautyExpert.co.uk using my tesco clubcard vouchers. I used them doubled up so I paid £10 worth of points for this. If I had weak nails again I would pay £10 but no more for this. Which is why I knocked two points off this OPI treatment.

8 / 10

15ml - £18.55

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