9 October 2011

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation + Swatches

I'm not too sure why anyone would want a foundation to last 25 hours, but knowing it isn't going anywhere is quite reassuring! 

[Lightest shade | Darkest shade]

I have worn this for 20 hours and the staying power is really good. After about 15 hours it began wearing and sinking a little in to fine lines.

Personally I wear the shade ivory, and have a combination skin type. Usually with a foundation I find I still get oily, this wasn't the case with this. By 20 hours I was beginning to look a little shiny but that is a improvement on the average 4-5 hours with other liquid foundations.

The colour range is badly lacking which is disappointing. If you can find a shade to match though I would recommend the foundation.

* Bare skin*                                    * Ivory Foundation *

Full coverage, with a little luminosity. I prefer a matte look so set with ELF Studio powder 

Bottle: Pump applicator in a glass bottle
Application: Fast drying foundation, but not as fast as the Revlon Colorstay
Coverage: Medium - Full
Does it live up to the claims: Lasts 20 hours, imagine it does last for 25 though!
SPF: None, perfect for flash photography 

9 / 10

£6.99 - 30ml

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