27 October 2011

Review: Skullduggery Bath Ballistic

Lush say ~ Skullduggery is an eerie but magical celebration for your bathtub. We used brightening and refreshing lime and neroli for the fragrance and olibanum (also known as frankincense resinoid) to help that citrusy smell stay on your skin until the witching hour and beyond. Lime oil is a popular ingredient in remedies to combat congested skin, cellulite or simply to wake you up! We use expensive neroli oil as it is one of the few essential oils to be scientifically proven to increase serotonin production in the brain - Arriba! Olibanum resinoid, otherwise known as frankincense, has a woody, slightly fruity aroma and covers the skin with a thin, protective film, softening the skin. It is extremely effective on sore, cracked, de-hydrated skin.

I say ~ Well that's quite a mouthful all of that, and if it was a little TL;DR then here's a summery:
- Refreshing and awakening 
- Increases your happy hormones!
- Great for dry, cracked skin

The scent is lime and that is the main scent I got from this when using it. A nice ballistic for refreshing you, doesn't make you want to go to sleep either which is nice seeing as most do.

Did the scent stay on the skin? A little bit
Did it live up to its claims? It refreshes and awakens, also I didn't need to moisturise afterwards
Worth the pennies? For an indulgent bath, I would get a couple more before they sell out

7 / 10
£2.75 - Lush

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