10 October 2011

Swatch: 17 - Blue Magnetic

Last nail craze seemed to be crackle / shatter type top coats. The new one is the magnetic polish. It isn't a new thing though as it has done the rounds over in America, I think it was Revlon who did one in the UK a few years back. Then you have Essence who brought out a range earlier this year.

So as far as I am aware in the UK we currently have the Nails. Inc Magnetics, and Boots' brand 17. I'm sure though that other brands will follow suit soon. Once you have gotten the hang of the technique it is really easy to use. 

The trick is to paint a thick coat over the nail and then hold the magnet lid about 2mm from the nail, be careful for magnetic particles from the polish jumping from the polish on to the magnet. Wait until it is 100% dry before applying a top coat.

Hopefully there will be different shaped magnets brought out, as the main issue I have with the polish is it tends to look like you have really bad horizontal ridges. I do however like the opacity, the concept and the chrome blue shade.

Lasting Power: Average 
Opacity: One coat
Brush Type: Average

8 / 10

10ml - £5.99

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