17 October 2011

Review + Swatches: ELF 100 Eyeshadow Collection

I wasn't going to do this review / swatch simply because it was a limited item. However it seems that Eyes Lips Face have brought this back for Christmas 2011!

I quite liked the external packaging, snowflakes make for quite the festive feel

Once opened you get this large palette with 100 shades of eyeshadows

Almost all the shades you could ever want! 

+ 6.6p for each colour!
+ Wide range of shades, perfect for trying out new shades
+ Comes with a mirror inbuilt to the lid
+ Feels sleek, with matte black packaging

- Some of the shadows aren't very pigmented (as seen in below swatches)
- The black particularly isn't pigmented, however #80 is which makes up for this
- The red is a particular let down
- The lid doesn't open up to be flat, resulted in hinge breaking and the lid snapping off

9 / 10

£15 - ELF


All of these swatches were taken one dab of shadow, without primer

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