5 October 2011

Wednesday Wants: Lush Christmas

It would appear that Lush have their christmas range in already online. 
After having a quick browse these are what I am lusting after!

I have been buying this for years now and I still love it. The scent is of almond, very much like marzipan. The soap is creamy and none drying as well. I also like the hand cream in this scent!

According to Lush the soap is made from the fragrance of rose absolute and cassis absolute.

I'm a 'lushie' at heart and so spying a new item I generally always have to try it! This is no exception, it looks so cute! The scent is supposed to be of peppermint, vanilla and orange so should be nice and uplifting which is exactly what is needed in the cold, long, dark days during winter!

Plus he turns the water yellow, then electric green!

Another new ballistic!

What draws me to this one is Lush say it leaves your water smelling of sweet candy sticks.

Another new ballistic, which of course makes me smile. Besides this is the same scent as Snow Fairy shower gel. That scent is amazingly magical, candyfloss and pear drops.

Lush say this is a reusable, solid version of the shower gel to use in the bath. It gives you lots of sweet smelling foam too!

I am quite sure this won't be the last of my Christmas Lush Lusting!

[All photos are from the Lush UK website]

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