26 November 2011

Comparison: Revlon Colorstay - Ivory V's Rimmel 25 Hr - Ivory

"How do the two ivory shades compare?"

While the photo isn't overly clear in my opinion revlon colorstay - ivory is a much lighter pink undertoned foundation. The rimmel lasting finish - ivory is a darker colour and is yellow undertoned.

Swatches of Rimmel 25h Lasting Finish in five shades: here
Review of Rimmel 25h Lasting Finish Foundation: here
Tutorial on how to make your Revlon colorstay in to a pump action foundation: here


  1. Hi!!!

    Nice post!!! Could you tell me which one is better for a pale, cool toned skin, and pinky cheeks??? I want to try the Revlon one but I have to buy it online because I can't find it in my country and I'm not sure what color to buy!!!


    1. from your description i would imagine the ivory one would be a good match. Especially with a cool undertone. Do check out more Swatches online though. The oily combination one dries very fast so you might find applying in sections rather than your whole face useful. Lasts all day though. let me know how it goes :)


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