27 November 2011

Review: Garnier - BB Cream

Another BB Cream on the UK market, always good to have a range of products I think. Garnier have brought out their own version in light and medium. I am reviewing the sample version but I am pretty sure the formula is the same inside.

So this BB Cream claims to give you perfect skin, even out your skin tone, make you glow and blurs imperfections and smooths fine lines. Also has a SPF15 in it.

What do I think?
I still think that BB Creams are over hyped but putting that to the side...
+ Light to medium coverage, more than a standard tinted moisturiser
+ Easy to apply without streaking or going patchy
+ SPF even in England is still useful
+ Evens skin tone

- Range of colours isn't vast, the light isn't light enough and there isn't even a darker toned one
- Coverage isn't going to cover perfect skin
- Makes you 'glow' too much, needed a powder to stop the shine and set it

Final Thoughts
I like how this is quite idiot proof, you can slap it on without really engaging your brain. Yes you won't look flawless but for day-to-day wear on good skin days its great. However for £9.99 for 50ml I think there are better foundation products out there for that price. 

I much prefer the Skin79 one, its less yellow and lighter toned so suits me more, besides its about £6!

6 / 10

£9.99 - 50ml

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