21 November 2011

Review: Jeunesse - Amore Rose Masque

Jeunesse Say
"Renowned for its cleansing and super hydrating properties, delicate Damask Rose is infused with Africa’s miracle Marula oil to rid of anti-oxidants and seriously moisturise. Then the Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter join forces to soften and smooth for enviable silky skin. The lovely fresh floral fragrance is a damask delight"

What do I think?
+ I like the new opening tab, makes things easier and less messy
+ Easy to apply, didn't dry too quickly so I could spread it about
+ Left my skin smooth, soft, and cleansed
+ Easy to get 2 - 3 applications from one sachet

- Overpowering rose scent (although I don't like rose scent)
- Claims to be very moisturising but I still needed to use a moisturiser afterwards

5 / 10

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