25 November 2011

Review: Lush - Snowglobe Soap

They say ~ Although this is a refreshing citrus soap, it has a different blend of sharper citrus oils to give you an invigorating wash morning or night. We've used organic lemon myrtle for a fresh, slightly herbal citrus note, and lemon grass to complement the fragrance. This soap goes perfectly in a bath cocktail with Uluru, Avobath or You've Been Mangoed to shake the cobwebs off your tired brain.

I say ~ Like this one! I didn't think I did originally as I got it as a freebie but when I opened and used this the scent is lovely. Minty, pepper minty with a little mango. It isn't drying at all and the scent lingers on your hands for a while which is always nice.

If this product comes out again, as it was a 2010 Christmas item I will be purchasing a nice chunk of this!

10 / 10


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