19 November 2011

Review: Sleek - Creme to Powder Foundation

Sleek say
"A full coverage smooth concealing foundation. The oil-free emulsion transforms into a flawless and matte powder finish. Apply the foundation all over the face to achieve a natural flawless look"

What do I think?
+ The packaging is really nice and sleek, and has a handy compartment for a sponge and a good sized mirror for on the go

+ Sleek do have a good shade range, 17 in this foundation

+ Use-able for under eye concealer for dark circles

- I cannot find a way to apply this which works for me, I've tried all sorts of foundation brushes, sponges (dry and damp) don't even try and use the one provided! The best finish I can achieve is when using my fingers

- Not very good on skin with any visible pores, dry patches or wrinkles as it sticks and goes all flaky or settles in the lines and pores. Very easy to cake on, which is not a good look

Final Thoughts - I'd only recommend you buy this once you have tried a tester. 

2 / 10

£7.30 - 9g

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