1 November 2011

Storage: Stamping Plates

10 days until my wedding argh!

Anyhow, I have been looking for a way to store my nail stamping plates for a while. I did actually make one, but it didn't hold all my plates any more. I thought a card holder would be perfect and it actually isn't too bad. 

I think a 'namecard book' is actually for storing business cards, I could be horribly wrong though!

As you can see the hex shaped plates don't fit in the pockets, but I have just blue tacked them to the front cover which works for me as I don't have many hex ones. It fits faux konad, I don't own any official ones so can't comment on that, and Bundle Monster too.

I really like how I can see what designs my plates have on them. Makes choosing that much easier!

£2.88 - Fits 120 nail plates

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