30 November 2011

Tutorial: Reindeer

Last year I attempted some reindeer nail art, this year I have changed things up especially the colours so it should show up better. I intentionally used all ELF nail polishes which worked well. Thought I would share what I did...

So this gif might not make it clear what I did which is why I am going to explain a little more

Start off with a base, I used ELF innocent

Used ELF smoky brown to add a splodge

Used smoky brown again for the ears

Then I used ELF brown for the antlers 

With ELF white I dabbed on some eyes

With ELF Mod Mauve I dabbed on some glowy cheeks

Using the brown polish I painted on a nose shaped blob

Finally using ELF black I dotted on some eyes

And of course on one of my nails I just had to use ELF light red for a red nose
(who looks worse for wear, too much eggnog perhaps?)

Using a lighter base meant that my design showed up so much better than my 2010 version!

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