12 December 2011

Hair: Black to Blond with Bblond Hair Lightener

I have wanted dark blue / dark purple hair for years now but it never seems to stick. So I finally bit the bullet and attempted to go blond in order for the dye to show up. The instructions do actually say if you have black hair not to try and use this product, but I had tried this once before in 2007 and the worst that happened was I ended up ginger...

Mixed up the mixture and slapped it on the lengths of the underneath of my hair, I left it on for 1 hour but it says you can for 1h 30m if you wanted to.

As you can see the result was rather ginger as I was expecting, although this totally worked well enough for what I wanted to do next! I used half the pack and think it needs applying again to lift the colour again but it has damaged my hair, very dry and damaged with split ends. Nothing a trim won't help with, and a couple of intensive masques. But enough for me not to want to do it again to the same section of hair again any time soon.

You can see part two of this soon
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  1. I use this brand to add my highlights, I find that if you use a silver shampoo or conditioner it will improve the feel of hair afterward, i have very fine hair and mine is always frazzled after bleaching it xx


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