23 December 2011

Review: BIC - Gloves

Not only does Buy In Coins sell really great nail items, they also sell various other things. In the past I have bought an 'ePad' from them which actually meets my needs for under £50. I've also bought a couple of scarves from there too which were bargain-ious. 

On to what I actually was supposed to be reviewing! Anyone would think I was being paid to say these things! Which I'm unfortunately not.

Its really quite cold in the north of England right now, gloves are a necessary! I ordered these ones as they were black and a £1. In the past I have been known to make my own arm warmers from stripy socks, but obviously these are a lot better as professionally finished. 

Thumb hole

Fully stretched out the arm warmer goes about three inches above my elbow

These are great for writing with while keeping your arms and most of your hand warm.

The material is the same feel and thickness as a standard sock. It's well made and serves its purpose well.

Nothing much else to say other than go for it if you like the look of them. Sometimes you take a risk when buying things without feeling them and seeing them first but this isn't one of these items.

10 / 10

£1 - Pair

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