21 December 2011

Review: ELF - Nail Polishes

I have reviewed these before, but I think its time I did a proper review. I have quite an extensive collection of eyes lips face nail polish

Chocolate                                        Metal Madness

I have tried 41 of the polishes out of the current 78

Smoky Brown                                                         Pearl

The polish are of a good enough quality to be worn without a top coat, however the glitters do need one to help smooth out the finish, which is typical of a glitter finish

Blush                                                       Navy

Around 80% of the polishes have lasted 2-3 days or more. Dark Navy in particular is the polish which chips so quickly, use a top coat though and that solves the problem

Red Velvet                                                                      Rosy Raisin

Sometimes it seems as if the manufactures of ELF products don't have any quality control, because you occasionally get a polish brush which is splayed and wonky. The UK ELF team do have great customer service though and will give you a replacement or a refund

Purple Pleaser

Polish dries at a pretty standard rate and the black is okay for stamping!

Mint Cream                                                                         Purple Dream

The formula which they use is the big three free.
No toluene
No formaldehyde
No dibutyl phthalate

10ml of product for £1.50

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