7 December 2011

Review: French Nail Tips

I've been meaning to review these for a while now but my natural nails were quite long. Now they are all short and so a perfect chance to trial these out!

The perfect french manicure is something which looks good but really its something a little more difficult to do. Especially free handed! I hoped that these nail tips would solve all the faffing about and give the perfect french manicure for times when weird and off the wall aren't acceptable. These came well packaged with free postage and packing from Hong Kong

For people who really want to achieve the perfect French nail manicure then I do recommend these to you, they give a great curved line and a nice bright white tip. If you were to purchase these then you would need to get some nail glue and a top coat. 

My poor polish free nubbins! Swipped them with acetone to make sure there was no residue

I chose the right sized tips for each nail

Using some brush on nail glue painted the back of the tips

One by one I stuck them to my nails

Then took off the butterfly tabs

Filed down the tips

I wasn't really happy with the finished look though and the tip was catching off everything

So I applied two thick-ish coats of clear top coat on top, which really smoothed everything out and made for a much better manicure

I still wasn't 100% happy with this though and so ended up filing down the squared off corners which left me with something I really liked the look of

Yes they are slightly fiddly to use but this was my first attempt and it went okay I think! A good couple of manicures for £4.90 why not go for it if its something you are wanting to wear.

I think that they are the same as the tips included in Essence's Better Than Gel Nails, BuyInCoins are also doing black ones which is something I need to order too!

8 / 10

£4.90 - 140pcs

If you wanted to use my 5% off code then its 'Enigmatic-Rambles' 

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