7 December 2011

Review: French Nail Tips

The perfect French manicure is something which looks good but is something a little more difficult to do. Especially free handed!

For people who really want to achieve the perfect French nail manicure then I do recommend these to you, they give a great curved line and a nice bright white tip. If you were to purchase these then you would need to get some nail glue and a top coat. 

Wiped them with acetone to make sure there was no residue

I chose the right sized tips for each nail

Using some brush on nail glue painted the back of the tips

One by one I stuck them to my nails

Then took off the butterfly tabs

Filed down the tips

I wasn't happy with the finished look and the tips was catching off everything

So I applied two thick-ish coats of clear top coat on top, which really smoothed everything out and made for a much better manicure

I still wasn't 100% happy with this though and so ended up filing down the squared off corners

They are fiddly to use but this was my first attempt and it went okay I think. A good couple of manicures worth for £4.90.

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