3 December 2011

Tutorial: Santa Nails

Seeing as a few people liked my reindeer tutorial I thought I would do another festive one. Not too sure how well this one worked but next time I shall do snowflakes which shall be easier. Again all ELF polishes.

Start off with ELF N*de

With ELF light red splodge enough polish over the tip of the nail and then do a dot above slightly to the right

Using ELF white and a dotting tool I just dotted some white fur trim

Using the same white and dotting tool I made a beard and side burns

Using ELF Pink I just dabbed on a face for the jolly fella

Don't forget to add some ears! The ELF black polish is great for dotting on some eyes

With ELF's Coral I just dabbed a bit on as a nose, and with the black polish drew on some arms and coat detailing 

Finally with a little bit of ELF's Blush for the buttons

Happy December everyone!

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