31 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Polishes - Glitters

Just a quick battle tonight, we have standard glitters and a out right winner

 ELF - Glitter Glam, ELF - Golden Goddess, Models Own - Magenta, W7 - Red Dazzle, W7 - Green Dazzle, W7 - Blue Dazzle, Models Own - Purple Haze, Saffron - 9 

The winner is Models Own - Purple Haze, purely because it is purple!


Nail Polish: Battle of the Duochrome

Lots of W7 making this round along with Fantasy Fire
W7 - Metallic Saturn , Accesorize - Aztec, Essence - Chic Reloaded, W7 - Metallic Mars , W7 - Metallic Venus , Max Factor - Fantasy Fire, W7 - Metallic Mercury , W7 - Metallic Jupiter 

I had a damaged bottle of Fantasy Fire and ended up putting that along with a back up in a empty bottle. That made the cut along with W7's Metallic Jupiter which is a nice dark petrol on water tone and Essence's Chic Reloaded which is a subtle, more wearable duochome.

And the winner is, surprisingly not Fantasy Fire! W7 has mastered the 'petrol on water' polish and I really like this and when I wear it I am always looking at my nails and wiggling my fingers to see the duochrome change.


2012: Top Five Posts!

With it almost being the end of 2012 I thought now was the time to do a quick year round up. If you are interested in seeing which posts were popular in 2011 click here.

5) Corset Nails - 1093 Views

4) Fair Isle Winter Sweater Nails - 1181 Views

3) Holiday Giftwrap Nails - 1222 Views

2) Newspaper Nails Tutorial - 1771 Views

And the post with the most views this year is...

1) Stiletto Nails - 3057 Views

Thank you to everyone who subscribed, stayed subscribed, commented and liked elsewhere!

All the best for 2013!


30 December 2012

Festive Nails Round Up



Nail Polish: Battle of the Pastels

Collection 2000 - French Tip White, W7 - Polar White, Barry M - Matte White, Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud, Revlon - Cloud, W7 - Sheer Lemon, Angels Delight, Sally Hansen - First Kiss, ELF - Innocent, Eyeko - Rain, Eyeko - Vintage, ELF - Mint, ELF - Lilac, Sally Hansen - Delphinium 

So first round we have to get 14 polishes down to just four. Me being me I don't particularly have a preference for light polishes! I adore Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud, it is opaque in two coats and is perfect for those winter nail designs.

However I seem over the past year to have used an awful lot of ELF's Innocent and that is why it is making it through to the next round.

The winner of the battle is Barry M's Matte White, and while I have used a lot of Innocent Matte White wins (just) because it is good for stamping as well as a base for nail designs!