20 January 2012

Hair: Halo Hair

Having long hair there is so many things you can do with it and yet I always seem to revert to the same couple of styles. I needed a messy, boho up do.

[picture from Google Images]

I had been inspired to try out a halo hairstyle by TorrinPage, who is really talented however her hair is much longer than mine and I never thought I could do that style hair. While Mary-Kate had shorter hair than myself in the above photo I am sure she will have had extensions and a team of people making her red carpet ready.

I came across a tutorial for this being done on someone with shorter hair than me I couldn't help but try it out. This was my second attempt and while its not perfect I am surprised by how easy it was to do. It needs to be more messy I think.

Make sure you can French plait normally before trying this version around the head!
Don't plait tightly if you want a messy look

Are you stuck in a style rut? 
Apparently two thirds of British women are because they lack the confidence to change

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