8 January 2012

Review: 2True Foundation - Ivory

Whilst on my hunt for the holy grail bargain matte liquid foundation I tried this, 2True Smooth Matte Foundation which claims to be oil and fragrance free.

So according to the Superdrug website, this claims, "Foundation die-hards who want the perfect coverage without the weight this season will love the 2true Smooth Matte Foundation. This ultra-light, oil free formulation is easy to blend, and will smooth out any imperfections leaving a sheer, matte finish. Enriched with Vitamin E and sunscreen to help nourish and protect the skin, there’s 5 fantastic shades to choose from".

Without setting powder

Despite the foundation being about 5 shades too dark and yellow for my skin tone I have other issues with the claims 2True have made;
- Its quite a thin, quick drying foundation so not easy to blend or sheer
- Coverage is cakey and clings to any dry patches
- As you can see above the discolouration in my skin shows through the foundation

On the plus side they claim it to be fragrance free and it is

With a setting powder

With a setting powder there is a much better coverage and does hide imperfections, however that isn't down to the foundation alone.

I really don't like this foundation, the shade, the coverage, the bad lasting power
Perhaps they need to change there formula!

1 / 10

£1.99 - 25ml

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