22 January 2012

Shopping: December 2012

What with a wedding and Christmas to pay for there has been little money to go around for buying things for myself. I was lucky enough to be given a bit of money for Christmas myself and so managed to squeeze a few purchases before 2011 finished and my No Spend January began. So far I am doing great with that, although my lust list is rapidly expanding!

These I got for Christmas

I had swatched the magnetic polish before but didn't own it. The Essence is possibly a dupe of Lippmann's Across The Universe and Metallic Neptune and Black Emerald look very similar.

These are the ones I bought myself

Buy 5 get a free topcoat!

Red Dazzle is a fine red glitter within a sheer red base, swatch has 3 coats
Blue Dazzle is a fine blue glitter in a clear base, swatch has 3 coats
Green Dazzle is a fine green glitter in a clear base, again swatch is 3 coats
Fluorescent Green is almost pearlescent in finish and reminds me of Shrek. The swatch is 2 coats
Sheer Lemon, a cremé finish which after three coats isn't sheer

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