31 January 2012

Shopping: January 2012

Nothing too interesting really, still succeeding with my 'no spend' January as all I spent was the £20 which I was given for Christmas. 

- Kids Earmuffs: Primark £1
- Black Headband: Primark £1
- Black Hair Doughnuts x2 £1 each
- Acetone: Sally's £3.50
- Candle: Poundland £1
- Flickering faux Candles: Poundland £1
- Nail Art Pen £1.99
- W7 Metallic Jupiter £1.99


  1. Well done with the no spend, polish withdrawal is no fun :-( x

    1. I agree, although to be fair I have ended up with a few this month but that was working around the no spend! :P

  2. Way to go on the no spend challenge! I have to start thinking about one too :P


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