3 February 2012

Comparison: W7 - Metallic Neptune V's Models Own - Emerald Black

As the title suggests this is a quick comparison post of:
W7 - Metallic Neptune and Models Own - Emerald Black

*with flash*

*outdoors no flash*

I think they are very similar, other than in price 
W7 costs £1.95 for 15ml
Models Own is £5 for 14ml

I got both polishes given to me for Christmas, and while I like both of them I would only repurchase the W7 as its cheaper and you get a little bit more in the bottle.

What do you think?


  1. i like the color :-O

    and i'm not sure wich one i'd prefer since polishes for me have to stay on 7 days (with topcoat of course) so sometimes i prefer the more expensive if i know its worth it... you have pics of them applied?

    1. As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be much difference in the staying power of polishes depending on prices. I find its more to do with the topcoat.

      Models Own: http://bit.ly/ywxhbi

      Haven't actually a one of the W7 applied but that will be coming soon for you :)

  2. im lovin yr valintine collection n hope u get some of them can u give tips on eyeliner flicks please have a gud day


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