25 February 2012

How to: Lush

[photo from Lush]

While I do have a slight addiction to the shop Lush, I do understand that a lot of people are daunted by the thought of stepping foot in store. I was once daunted by that very thought. As well as the almost overpowering scents wafting out the doors.

Basically people tend to have two issues with the store, one being that the scent is completely and utterly over whelming and for these people I suggest maybe ordering online because the shop really is full of all different scents which can be overpowering and over whelming but also may set peoples allergies off if you are sensitive to certain things.

[photo from Lush]

The other issue which i have heard people having is with the store staff. They have a tendency to jump out at you and start squealing at you about Lush products. I think this is more to do with the fact that they have a real passion for their job and the products which they sell. Which in this day in age is a rare thing!

If you would like to browse the store, usually you just need to say I'm just browsing thank you and they will leave you to it. Depending on the size of the store you might be approached by another Lush mad sales assistant but just say the same thing again and they should leave you to it. I have never came across a sales assistant which hasn't.

[photo from Lush]

If you are not sure about which product would suit your skin type then 9 times out of 10 if you ask the sales assistance then they will know the answer to your questions. If not then they will tend to ask another sales assistant. If you aren't comfortable with this then ask on the online forum, there are many Lush addicts out there who will be more than willing to help. Or you can always comment here and ask me, I will try to help and won't jump out on you!


  1. Great post, Ive found the staff in Lush really helpful :) Theyre always really aware of their products :)


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