21 February 2012

Review: Soap and Glory - Heel Genius

Soap and Glory claim
No mean feet. Feet should be friendly. Soft. Smooth. Even lovely to look at. Massage a generous layer of Soap & Glory Heel Genius™ 125ml onto clean feet every night (or at least as often as you remember). Slip cotton socks overtop and let it soak in while you sleep.

What do I think?
I wouldn't describe my feet as particularly over worked, however my feet need a little tlc when they feel a bit  'clicky' on tights. Foot moisturisers and bed socks, not a sexy look really! Applied a thick layer to my heels stuck on some fluffy socks and in the morning my feet felt smooth and moisturised. 
I did actually get my other half to try this and he has workers man feet and while it didn't work with just the one application it did after three nights. Which is quite a feat ... sorry!

Scent - Fresh, slight citrus smell
Colour - Light green verging on teal, once rubbed in it does go white
Packaging - Retro, flip cap which means less mess and more convenience
Consistency - Thick, similar to a conditioner
Lives up to claims - Feet should be friendly, if not friendly at least the best a foot can look! Yes I think it does meet claims made but the claims aren't exactly adventurous! 
Worth the price tag? - I don't think its too over priced, if you have badly dried feet and like Soap and Glory then it would be something worth trying. As my feet weren't horrendous to begin with it isn't something I would repurchase but I will be using the rest of the tube.

[after a few months I did notice that lotion separated in the tube, so do try and shake it up before using]

£5.11 - 125ml

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