13 February 2012

Storage: Blushers

So it would appear that the majority of the blushers I own are from ELF. I have included my contour and highlight as well as I only have one of each and they are all stored together.
Most of them are very light as I'm quite pale. In the case of Rose, Pink Lemonade and Toffee I would use a much lighter touch when applying them as blusher rather than swatching! It has occurred to me while doing this post that I haven't actually reviewed many of these.

Mineral Blusher - Joy
Very light pink, doubt it would work with medium to dark toned skin. Matte finish.

Light peach coloured, for me it is more of a bronzer. Would work with darker tones than myself. Build-able with a matte finish.

Mineral Blusher - Rose
Very pigmented dark pink, would look amazing on deep skin tones. Difficult to work with on pale skin tones, not very sheer, again a matte finish.

Studio Blusher - Mellow Mauve
This is a deep pink which is build-able, it also has a slight golden shimmer to it. Doesn't have great pigmentation.

Essential Blusher - Shy
Pigmented, very light pink, matte finish

Build-able, slight shimmer, hot pink.

All Over Color Stick - Pink Lemonade
Very pigmented, deep pink, blend-able with a shimmer to it

Quite pigmented, matte

Very shimmery, think it would be very over the top to use as a bronzer.

Do you have any of these? 


  1. hmm no i think i have none of these but elf mineral blusher rose looks pretty :-D nice collection!

  2. It is pretty just got to be careful when applying not to look like Aunt Sally!


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