31 March 2012

Swatch: Ylin Mood Changing Polish - #15


Ylin Mood Changing Polish, thanks to the wonderful hand model; my sister!


Her nails are short which means there is no free edge so the colour change tends to be all one colour. If you look below then you can see on the pinky finger nail has a teeny free edge which is a different colour. With a longer nail this polish would give a French manicure look to the polish.

Quick demonstration of Ylin's mood nail polish in shade 15. It changes colour based on 'mood' however this is really due to temperature as you can see. A very quick colour change too!

I got this from BornPrettyStore for $7.84

30 March 2012

Review: B116 Stamping Plate

You can see all the nail art I have done using this stamping plate here

[stamped with Miss Sporty - Tango Red]

I bought this from: eBay Seller for £2 inc P&P.
Stamps really well. I like all of the images but have no idea what the middle one is.

Any ideas?

28 March 2012

Nails: Taped Wiggles

After wearing Max Factor's Meteorite for three days I was bored of it so tried another taped nail art. 

Base Polish: Max Factor - Meteorite
Top Polish: ELF - Black

27 March 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 25

Inspired by a pattern, anyone guess what the pattern is?

26 March 2012

Nails: Purple Stripes

I was trying to use my striping tapes and came up with this. Although it does look like those flannel PJ's you used to get in the 1940's...

Models Own - Purple Mystique


25 March 2012

Review: Colour B4 Extra

After my attempts last year to get my hair purple, here and here, working well I am still lusting after all over purple hair. Must have been for over 8 years now! 

While the bleach worked well at lightening previously I really didn't want to use it all over because I like the length of my hair and didn't want to damage it that much. Which is where ColourB4 came in! Not sure if its too visible, but this is what my hair looked like prior to using. A little peek of purple from under the black.

As my hair was majority black I bought the extra strong formula. I wasn't really expecting much from it to be honest as my hair being so long must have been dyed black 20+ times towards the ends and the build up massive. 

No ammonia or bleach which is what I was looking for. Do wear old clothes when using it though, I always do on my top half but with this managed to get some baby pink splodges on my trousers! It works basically with a chemical reaction inside of the hair strand, shrinking the permanent colour molecules and then they are washed out with the 'buffer'.

I found I had enough mixture for my long, thick hair in one pack. Some people have said it smells of rotten eggs but I really didn't notice much of a smell, certainly nothing as awful as peroxide. The only time I noticed was after the whole process my hair still smelt weird, but this usually is the case with dyeing hair anyhow.

After applying and waiting for an hour you rinse for 10 minutes, use the buffer (which is like a shampoo) leave for a couple of minutes, rinse for a further 5 minutes and then use the buffer again and rinse that off. Very time consuming process, but I really do recommend standing in the shower which rinsing as standing with the shower head over yours gets very painful! Do follow their instructions though: here.

Before and After


It didn't leave my hair wavy that was the having it in plaits! While looking at the results in the lengths of my hair you wouldn't be too impressed but I know my hair and it did lift the colour from black to a dark brown. 

Again it doesn't look too impressive but you could really see a difference in the hair in my hairline. Very scary as I haven't seen my natural colour in about 14 years! Took away the faded cyber violet I used last on my hair, a couple of months ago.

Over all I think it did a moderately good job. The instructions do say you can use another pack to lift the colour again so I think I may have to do that, specifically on the lengths. I found it did damage my hair and left the ends feeling particularly straw like and split ends. I had to cut an inch off, which wasn't what I was wanting to do but if I'd of used the bleach it would have been a lot worse.

I would repurchase this and would recommend it, however you will need to be really careful when re-dyeing afterwards. If only I had a spare £12 to try again!

At the moment its £9.99 and Boots have a 3 for 2 deal on cosmetics and haircare.

Boots £9.99 | Superdrug £11.99

23 March 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 24

Now this really was a challenge! Inspired by Kawaii, firstly I had to research in to exactly what it was. I had a vague idea of cutesy Japanese cartoon type images which is what I attempted to do.

The cupcake and the kitty is most likely the most accurately Kawaii but I can't help but laugh at the 'mama bear' with her pink beret and pearl duvet!

22 March 2012

Review: ELF Cream Eyeliner - Black

I have noticed recently that I don't seem to actually review the things I use on a daily basis. I review things I quite like, things I really don't and things I'm neither here nor there about. About time I reviewed my second favorite cream eyeliner.

In the above photo the top swatch of each colour is two swipes of the liner, and the bottle line is just one swipe. As you can see the black is quite well pigmented with the one line but after two its the perfect black. I have worn black eye liner of various sorts for over ten years and this is my go-to. I find it lasts well on the waterline and with a primer it doesn't seem to move on my lids either. The consistency is a moderately solid cream, but once it is on the brush it goes smoothly on the eye area without dragging. The finish is very much a matte which for me is very important.
Day to day I opt for this, however if I need something which will stay put for over 15 hours then I will go for my Maybelline Lasting Drama 24h. Only because it stays put for as long as you leave it, also its great for your waterline. This ELF one is much cheaper and almost on a par with the Maybelline.

9 / 10

£3.50 - 4.7g

Which black eyeliners do you recommend?

21 March 2012

Review: John Frieda Volume Refresher Spray pt.1

Luxurious Volume Anytime Refresher Spray recreates volume at the roots when fine hair begins to fall flat. Refreshes style by absorbing oils for a fresh, full look. Can be used anytime, anywhere, refreshes style by absorbing oils for a fresh, full look.

How to Use:
Use on dried, styled hair as needed.
Shake can vigorously before using and between sprays.
Hold up sections of hair and spray quick bursts at the roots.
Blend fine powder into the hair using your fingers to renew volume.

What I think
Having naturally straight(ish) quite long hair I found this product useless, but having a mother and a sister with curly hair I trialed this on them, see how it works properly.

I used this refresher spray as the instructions said to on her naturally curly, short and thin hair. Washed and dried naturally without any styling...

The photos speak for themselves here, curls are a lot more defined and there is so much more volume. She was very happy with the results and she says she would repurchase and recommend the volume refresher spray.

The whole experience really made me lust after voluminous, sexy curly hair!
Grass is always greener scenario I think!

Part two of the review will be coming soon, longer thicker curly hair.

20 March 2012

Swatch: Orly - Fowl Play

This polish is from the A/W Orly Birds of a Feather Collection, its really nice I think the subtleness of the flakey pieces makes it wearable than a more bold flakie. Also as this is a Orly polish it comes with its award winning gripper cap it's rubberised which is something I really like because it gives you more grip to open and close the bottle as well as being easy to hold to apply to the nails.

Finish: Defiantly a flakie polish
Opacity: Two to three
Lasting Power: I always seem to get bad tip wear from this polish
Brush Type: Average, with a fab cap
How Much: A whopping 18ml in the bottle!

19 March 2012

Swatch: Max Factor - Meteorite 41

While there seems to have been a lot of hype around Max Factors Fantasy Fire I think some of the other Max Effects mini polishes have been over looked. This one is Meteorite which seems to be a super silver shimmery blue, grey, lilac colour. 

Finish: Shimmer
Opacity: This was two coats
Lasting Power: Quite good, 3 days without tip wear
Price: £3.99
Bottle Size: 4.5ml

16 March 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 23

You may have already spotted this set of nails I did, if not here is a dedicated post for week 23 of the challenge. SPRING!

15 March 2012

Swatch: W7 - Metallic Venus


This polish was a typical shimmer to apply, brush stroke central. Looking at my index finger and it looks as if it has a massive chunk missing from it, once I removed the polish and had a look at my nail there was nothing there. No chips, dints, splits, ridges nothing, so who knows what I did wrong!

Finish: Metallic / Shimmer
Opacity: Three coats
Brush Type: Standard

This has a slight colour shift to it, sort of glows. Pink - blue - purple, I really struggled to capture all of these shades in my photos. The talented Tee Dee at Cute-tickle Nails has managed to take a lot more colour accurate photos here if you are interested in seeing them.

£1.95 - 15ml

14 March 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 22

Inspired by a flag. I really should have thought to do an easier design but I thought with it being St. David's Day on the first I got the inspiration from that.


Can you even see it, or is it too much of a mess?

13 March 2012

Swatch: ELF - Desert Haze


I got this in February as I wanted a nice light base for stamping on. It is very light and neutral. While I can't feel the crack in the bottle, I can certainly see it.

Brush Type: Average, see photo
Opacity: Two or three, I used 3 above
Polish Finish: Cremé 
Staying Power: Average

£1.50 - 10ml

9 March 2012

Swatch: Essence - Magic Wand

This is a light metallic pink magnetic polish


Lasting Power: 3 / 4 days
Magnetic Look: Quite subtle 
Opacity: One coat would do if you weren't using a magnet on it
Brush Type: Standard