25 March 2012

Review: Colour B4 Extra

After my attempts last year to get my hair purple, here and here, working well I am still lusting after all over purple hair. Must have been for over 8 years now! 

While the bleach worked well at lightening previously I really didn't want to use it all over because I like the length of my hair and didn't want to damage it that much. Which is where ColourB4 came in! Not sure if its too visible, but this is what my hair looked like prior to using. A little peek of purple from under the black.

As my hair was majority black I bought the extra strong formula. I wasn't really expecting much from it to be honest as my hair being so long must have been dyed black 20+ times towards the ends and the build up massive. 

No ammonia or bleach which is what I was looking for. Do wear old clothes when using it though, I always do on my top half but with this managed to get some baby pink splodges on my trousers! It works basically with a chemical reaction inside of the hair strand, shrinking the permanent colour molecules and then they are washed out with the 'buffer'.

I found I had enough mixture for my long, thick hair in one pack. Some people have said it smells of rotten eggs but I really didn't notice much of a smell, certainly nothing as awful as peroxide. The only time I noticed was after the whole process my hair still smelt weird, but this usually is the case with dyeing hair anyhow.

After applying and waiting for an hour you rinse for 10 minutes, use the buffer (which is like a shampoo) leave for a couple of minutes, rinse for a further 5 minutes and then use the buffer again and rinse that off. Very time consuming process, but I really do recommend standing in the shower which rinsing as standing with the shower head over yours gets very painful! Do follow their instructions though: here.

Before and After


It didn't leave my hair wavy that was the having it in plaits! While looking at the results in the lengths of my hair you wouldn't be too impressed but I know my hair and it did lift the colour from black to a dark brown. 

Again it doesn't look too impressive but you could really see a difference in the hair in my hairline. Very scary as I haven't seen my natural colour in about 14 years! Took away the faded cyber violet I used last on my hair, a couple of months ago.

Over all I think it did a moderately good job. The instructions do say you can use another pack to lift the colour again so I think I may have to do that, specifically on the lengths. I found it did damage my hair and left the ends feeling particularly straw like and split ends. I had to cut an inch off, which wasn't what I was wanting to do but if I'd of used the bleach it would have been a lot worse.

I would repurchase this and would recommend it, however you will need to be really careful when re-dyeing afterwards. If only I had a spare £12 to try again!

At the moment its £9.99 and Boots have a 3 for 2 deal on cosmetics and haircare.

Boots £9.99 | Superdrug £11.99


  1. so its no actual bleaching but still damaged your hair, im sorry :-( and good luck next time, i think on the detail pics you can see that it helped a bit :-)

    1. no bleaching which is why i thought it would be safer. My hair was a little damaged to begin with so that may be why it ended up needing a trim.


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