31 March 2012

Swatch: Ylin Mood Changing Polish - #15


Ylin Mood Changing Polish, thanks to the wonderful hand model; my sister!


Her nails are short which means there is no free edge so the colour change tends to be all one colour. If you look below then you can see on the pinky finger nail has a teeny free edge which is a different colour. With a longer nail this polish would give a French manicure look to the polish.

Quick demonstration of Ylin's mood nail polish in shade 15. It changes colour based on 'mood' however this is really due to temperature as you can see. A very quick colour change too!

I got this from BornPrettyStore for $7.84


  1. Oh wow!

    Never knew this even existed! The colour looks gorgeous, kinda ombre-ish no? xx

    1. Yes it is! I think its the length of my nails means there is more of a gradient. Ombre nails in a bottle :P


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