20 April 2012

Hair: Voluminous Side Bun

After using the full range of John Frieda: Full Repair for around a month I think its time to share my views. I will do proper individual reviews but this is an overall look at the range.

I needed a hair style which would allow the products to work to their best advantage which was where the following video came in very useful! I actually wanted to try out the side swept bun but first I needed to prepare my hair the way instructed here. I naturally have almost straight hair, it is long and quite thick which means it is hard to get any root lift and volume in to it.

So to start off I shampooed and conditioned my hair, left it to air dry for a hour before using the Style Creator Heat Activated Styling Spray. The spray was really nice and gave a good spray action, not one of those awful ones which spat out the liquid. Those ones are so frustrating, you can't even comment on the product and its usefulness!

Once I had brushed that through with my Tangle Teezer I put a part in my hair and then used the Protecting Root Lift Foam at the front of my hairline and over the part. The foam action bottle was different from what I expected because it was more of a pump action rather than a hair mousse which is what I was expecting. After massaging it in my hair and fingers felt a bit sticky, but I went with it.


The next step was to rough blow dry your hair, trying to get some boost to the roots. I used the same technique demonstrated in the video around the hairline which gave me about an inch of volume which completely surprised me. I think this was down to the foam, which once blow dried didn't leave my hair with that sticky feeling which I was expecting.

[at this point I really should have put some make up on! To spare your eyes I've hidden it!]

Then using a curling tong I added a little texture to the hair, I don't have a thick wand so just ran my fingers through the hair to break down the structured curls from the 1 inch curling wand I do have. Really like this look, my hair being so naturally straight it has always been difficult to get any texture in to it. Admittedly this isn't as voluminous as the model in the video, but I am still impressed.

Finally I used the Perfect Ends Deep Infusion, to add a little bit of definition and so help those fly aways which I always seem to get! I quite like this product but not really for adding definition to the ends this way.

This side swept bun didn't work exactly on my hair, as I have too much! I ended up using twist in screws to hold my hair in place. Really liked this look, very similar to the style I wore for my wedding.

So much easier than I thought! If you are still reading by this point, well done!
What do you think? Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. your hair looks really awesome!

    havent tried any of these products yet but i'dlike to. and that tangle teazer is on my wishlist for quite some time now :-)

  2. Your hair looks lovely! I've just bought some of those hair screws so no doubt I'll be coming to you for help when they arrive! Xxx

    1. Thank you! The screws are really easy to use, but if you do get stuck just let me know :)


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