22 April 2012

Review: ColourB4 Extra pt.2

This is a second review of Colour B4 Extra, you can see my first adventures here if you like.

This time I used two boxes on my hair because it is quite long and thick. I noticed the smell more this time, maybe because I was using more product? It wasn't horrific as in rotten eggs but there was a bit of an eggy smell. Still I would prefer this smell to peroxide, that is awful and really gets to my lungs. 

After one application         After Second application
From the second application I think the colour has lifted a lot, especially if you compare it to the before any colour B4. The lengths of my hair has gone a dark brown / mahogany colour, this might have shown up better if I had straightened my hair. I do think though that my hair, particularly the lengths have been stained by the sheer amout of times I have dyed it black. Still it has done a good job, if your hair is shorter then it would work so much better as you can see from the effect it has had on the top of my head where is hasn't been dyed 20+ times.

While I really can't stand my natural colour what I like about the colour B4 is how it has evened out the root area. As you can see in the before and even after the one application my natural root colour is coming through lighter than the dye which was giving my hair a thinning look. Now my hair looks as if there is a lot more of it at the root. It isn't as light now as the photo suggests but that's the flash washing it out slightly.

My hair looks healthy, shiny and doesn't feel dried out after using it this time. After using it the first time I did have to loose an inch off the ends but I was overdue for a trim to begin with so I think if your hair is okay to begin with it should be after using this. 

Thank you ColourB4! Now I can't wait to dye my hair purple and add something a bit different to my boring natural colour!

[PR provided 2nd and 3rd boxes]


  1. congrats to these results! and please share the next pics with us, too!

    1. I will do :) I bought some dye going to try it out today or tomorrow. Just hope blue and red make purple... lol!


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