27 April 2012

Review: Nail Art - Glitter Chips

On various nail art accessories websites I have seen  Glitter Chips, these particular ones are from BuyInCoins.com and in the pack in which you get 12 different pots of coloured chips.

The range of colours is quite varied. Chips are like random chips of coloured tinfoil in texture.

Whilst when I first got these chips I was quite unsure what to do with them. But more recently textured nails seem to be gaining momentum. There are some polish duo's coming out by Revlon in August 2012 which are basically glitter chips suspended in a clear polish. 

[photos are from Revlon PR]

If you are still left wondering what you could do with these then why not pop over to BeautyGeek and see what creative ideas are over there. 

£2.10 - 12pcs

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