1 April 2012

Shopping: March 2012

Anyone else manage to get free things from eBay / PayPal?
What better deal can you get than free and no catches!
A37 Stamping Plate - eBay
QA8 Stamping Plate - eBay
Colour changing polish - BPS
Hair clip - BPS
Ordered the BPS order last month but delivery from Hong Kong seems to take ages!

Heat Protectant 2 for £6 - Boots
Shampoo and Conditioner BOGOF £4.99 - Boots

Cherry Jelly Belly Scented Candle - Poundland
Lace black skirt - Primark
Freezer Bags (I'll blog about what I will be doing with these soon) - Poundland
Leopard print PJ's - Primark
Silver Striper pen - Poundland
3 Photo Albums (again I will blog about these) - Wilkinsons
Claire's Iridescent Polish 
Claire's Pink and Blue glitter Polish 

What do you think about these posts? Do people still want to see them?


  1. Ohh did you take advantage of the free £5 too? hehe

  2. I love these posts! I didn't know about the free £5 :( Those leopard print PJs look fab, I love Primark (it's called Penneys here!) and you got gorgeous polishes! Great post x

    1. thanks for letting me know you like these posts. Worder why they called themselves penneys rather than primark? I really am going to have to stop getting new polishes, even if they are cheap!


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