10 April 2012

Storage: Stamping Plates

After out growing my first solution, and tearing my second solution I had to come up with something else. Besides that business card holder didn't fit the slightly larger plates in it. So following this tutorial by Rebecca I made my own from photo albums.

 You'll need:
- Cheap 6x4 photo album
- Craft knife
- Cardboard scrap
- A ruler or something else straight
- Clear tape
Bend the cardboard as to create a crease where you want your cut. Slip it inside of the photo slot, put your ruler against the half way line and with the craft knife cut across the plastic cover.

Remove the cardboard, it was just there to protect the lining. It should look like this.
Hopefully you will be able to see the tape which is now sticking the top edge to the under layer to create two pockets. Do this throughout the entire photo album in order to create lots of storage slots.

Done! Good idea?

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  1. i really like stamping storage idear enigma keep giving yr tips i appreciate them thanks


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