31 May 2012

Shopping: May 2012

Fauxnad Plates

Barry M Magnetic Polish in Red - Boots
Gelous Advanced Gel Coat - Sally's (first impression: amazing!)

Skin System Hand and Nail Lotion - Asda 80p
(first impression: meh)

Not sure if I have mentioned on this blog before, but I am a pierced person. 
Hence the body piercing jewellery...
New bioplast stem, nice and cheap and stops gum recession 

Ickle Stretch Kit

Stargazer Glitter Shaker - Holographic

Benefit - That Gal 
Benefit - The Porefessional
(free with Glamour magazine, which of course doesn't count)

I really felt like I stuck to my no-spend. Obviously it wasn't a 100% successful no-spend month but seeing as I got the plates with points I'd saved up and the magnetic polish with boots points I did better than it seems. Going to aim for a relatively no-spend June too seeing as its coming up to my birthday and who knows what I may get. Got to try and resist the new bundle monster plates though...

Tutorial: Great British Flag

This tutorial is quite slap-dash as I am in a hurry to get this post out there before the Jubilee weekend begins!  I was asked by someone how to do the Union Jack, this can be used for the Olympics as well. 

Super easy to do as well!

1) After using a base coat paint all nails in a blue polish, I used Models Own - True Blue

2) Try and paint a cross on top of the blue using a white polish, I used Barry M's - Matte White

3) Using the same polish drag some diagonal lines in the gaps of the previous cross

4) Most complicated part, paint a fine line down the diagonal cross lines. I used Eyeko - Saucy

5) With the same polish paint another cross over the larger one in the middle. Once that is dried paint on a top coat to help smooth out the polish from being a little bumpy. Tidy up any mishaps and you are done!

30 May 2012

Summer Nail Challenge: Sunshine

Following on from yesterdays Sunrise challenge is today's sunshine one. For this I reused the base from yesterday and added a massive sun high in the sky, a couple and a palm tree.

29 May 2012

Summer Nail Challenge: Sunrise

Well as you can guess the challenge for 29th May was to create a Summer Sunrise

George @ Asda - Buttercup
Color Club - Warhol
ELF - Mango Madness
Collection 2000 - Hip Hop
Barry M - Indigo

28 May 2012

Nails: Nude / Neon

Going with the beige / neon nail tread I thought I would enter my version in to the ELF nail competition 

Me, my e.l.f and IBase Polish: ELF - Desert Haze
Thumb: ELF - Fire Coral
Index Finger: George Asda - Buttercup Shine
Middle Finger: ELF - Teal Blue
Ring Finger: ELF - Purple Dream
Little Finger: ELF - Mango Madness

What do you think?

Swatch: Revlon - Cloud

Luckily I found this in Poundland! I got it as I thought it might be good for making my Revlon Whimsical franken. Which it turns out, it did as you probably saw a few days back.

Finish: Cremé I would say, its a off white very pale blue tone
Opacity: The above photo was three thin coats
Lasting Power: Standard
Brush Type: Standard
Anything Else? Dried quite quickly

Added some spots...

27 May 2012

Weekly Nail Routine

I've gotten a couple of questions, both on here and twitter asking how I keep my nails looking the way they do. Finally gotten around to taking some photos! I may paint my nails daily, but unless I break and nail, or get a snag I will leave them alone generally during the week.

Once a fortnight I will use a gentle cuticle remover, as my nails seem to grow quite quickly.

I just paint it over my cuticles and let it get to work for a minute or two. The one I use is by Revlon, the area of cuticle removal is quite a heated debate in the nail world. I am not saying do it, merely this is what I do and it works for me.

Once it has had a chance to work I will use a plastic hoof stick to gently push back my cuticles. I wouldn't use a metal one or even a wooden one as they are quite hard and there is more of a chance of doing myself some damage which I wouldn't want to do.

Now on to what I do weekly

I use this Revlon Growth Treatment, which is a water like treatment and I am not too sure if it does anything but am going to use it up regardless! It dries quite quickly which is nice.

Then I go on to buffing, at the moment I am using this seven way buffer. There are some very gritty sides to it so I make sure not to use those on my nails. I do this to get rid of any new ridges which have grown in and mainly to buff and shine my natural nail.

Before Buffing          After Buffing

Using my OPI crystal nail file I will tidy up the length of my nails and give them more shape. My only criticism of a crystal nail file is you have to be so careful not to get carried away filing otherwise you can loose lots of length quickly!

After washing my hands to get off any remaining product and nail dust I quickly use this ELF cuticle oil to help add back a bit of moisture.

Final step is to use a very moisturising hand and nail cream. Lotions are all well and good but sometimes you just need a thicker intensive moisturiser. At the moment I am using one by L'Occitane, which is 20% shea butter.

26 May 2012

Summer Nail Challenge: Summer Colour

Today's challenge is, 'Your favourite summer colour' I wouldn't say I have a favourite summer colour and so I ended up just doing a summer colour manicure.
Color Club - Pop-tastic
Sally Hansen - Strike a Pose

25 May 2012

Summer 2012 Nail Challenge: Orange

Today's challenge is 'Orange' and I seem to be lacking creativity and time so hopefully this will do! 

Color Club - Wham! Pow!
ELF - Black

24 May 2012

Swatch: Color Club - Twiggie

Opacity: Nice and opaque, if you are careful a one coater!
Finish: Ever so slightly matte, neon cremé
Lasting Power: Standard
Brush Type: Standard

23 May 2012

Summer Nail Challenge: Summer Dots

Challenge for today is 'Summer Dots' for which I chose a yellow, yellow = summer right?!
W7 - Sheer Yellow
Color Club - Almost Famous

22 May 2012

Summer Nail Challenge: Chelsea Flower Show

I wanted to see if I can step up to this challenge, if you are interested in finding out more or joining in then check out 'The Crumpet' the creator of this challenge and her blog.

'Chelsea Flower Show'

No clue about Chelsea Flower Show, so I went with the easy option of flowers! You may have noticed I also used this for the May flower challenge on the 52 week challenge I am also doing. Not sure my nails can cope with all of these changes!

52 Week Challenge: Half Moon

The term half moon always reminds me of that Jaffa Cake advert, anyone else or is it just me?

Base Polish: Color Club - Mrs Robinson
Top Polish: ELF - Black

If you want to know how I did this then I do have a tutorial if you want to check it out; here.

21 May 2012

Swatch: George Molten Metals - Party Animal (No.5)

George (@ Asda) Molten Metals - Party Animal (No.5) as oppose to just doing a quick swatch I think a mini review would be good, especially seeing as I purchased this intentionally for stamping purposes.

Mainly in this photo it shows how the polish works as a polish, one coat.
Its a typical chrome as in it is difficult to get an even finish, shows streaks and chips quickly.

This photo hopefully shows the polishes stamping ability.

If you ignore the thumb (I can never line up my stamps) this polish works great for stamping with. Shows up really well against the black polish base and is clear to see even without a topcoat helping it to pop. 

There are currently five different 'molten metals' in the collection and I will have to try out some of the others for stamping. Gold, silver, lilac and pink. Party Animal (No.5) I would describe as a copper / bronzed toned metallic.

£2 - 5ml