3 May 2012

Empties: April 2012

Having seen this on various blogs I thought it would be interesting to do as it does show exactly what you use up and you can give a good review of the item having used it all up.

MUA - Make Up Primer
Won't repurchase, still agree with my review. 1/10

Lush - Abombinaball Bath Bomb
Won't repurchase, nice enough though like the colour changes. 5/10

Herbal Essences - Beautiful Ends Intensive Conditioner
Another one not to repurchase. Its nice but nothing special. 7/10

Jelly Belly - Bubblegum Lip Balm
I really liked this lip balm, only downside of this was it was in a pot rather than a twisty tube. 8/10

Lush - Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Love this, I have to stock up over Christmas because its limited edition. Smells of 'pink' to me, I would recommend everyone to at least sniff this shower gel! 10/10

Do you want to see these sort of posts?


  1. I like these posts, I'm so nosy I love seeing what people have used! I don't like lip stuff in pots either, doesn't work well for long nails!

    1. Thank you for letting me know :)
      I have a tip, instead of trying to use your fingertip pad to get the lip product out of the pot use your nail in a flicking sort of motion get it on top of your nail then wipe on to your lip and then you can use the fingertip pad to rub in.

  2. i love those posts! really enjoy reading 'first impression reviews' and what people think about that product after it is empty!!
    there is a jelly belly lipbalm?! WOAH need!

    1. Good to know you like reading too :) I got the jelly belly lipbalm in a trio set from ASOS.com last year.


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