8 May 2012

Review: 17 - Photo Flawless Primer

Just a quick review today, for Boot's 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer. I really like ELF's primer and while it works well it can be out of stock a lot which is annoying so I picked this one up to try out in the mean time.

My skin is combination and I want a primer to help my make up stay put longer, to help keep shine away, and to smooth out my skin especially my pores. 

+ Smoothed out my skin
+ Minimised pores
+ Good packaging
+ Easily accessible

- Felt quite oily
- Didn't last on my face for very long, sort of made my make up slide off quickly
- Made my face shiny quicker than it would without a primer

I wouldn't repurchase this, I find it works but only in the very short term (1-3 hours) which isn't what I was looking for in a make up primer.

3 / 10

£4.99 - 15ml


  1. now i will stalk your makeup :-) i also have some combination skin and it is a pain to find the right products :-(


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