21 May 2012

Swatch: George Molten Metals - Party Animal (No.5)

George (@ Asda) Molten Metals - Party Animal (No.5) as oppose to just doing a quick swatch I think a mini review would be good, especially seeing as I purchased this intentionally for stamping purposes.

Mainly in this photo it shows how the polish works as a polish, one coat.
Its a typical chrome as in it is difficult to get an even finish, shows streaks and chips quickly.

This photo hopefully shows the polishes stamping ability.

If you ignore the thumb (I can never line up my stamps) this polish works great for stamping with. Shows up really well against the black polish base and is clear to see even without a topcoat helping it to pop. 

There are currently five different 'molten metals' in the collection and I will have to try out some of the others for stamping. Gold, silver, lilac and pink. Party Animal (No.5) I would describe as a copper / bronzed toned metallic.

£2 - 5ml

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