16 May 2012

Review: John Frieda Full Repair - Deep Conditioner

This is also part of phase one 'repair' along with the Shampoo and Conditioner, which I have reviewed here.

"Revive over-styled hair with Full Repair Deep Conditioner. This repairing formula with light weight Inca Inchi oil penetrates and repairs the look and feel of over-styled hair, reducing the risk of breakage"

As usual with this type of packaging I have issues with it, as in the shower I struggle opening and closing it as my hands are slippery. Also sticking my fingers in the jar ends up with water in the jar.

The scent is quite perfumed, to me its the smell you get when you walk past the fragrance section in a department store. I've read in a couple of places it is similar to a Hugo Boss fragrance. The scent is quite potent and does linger, but not overpoweringly so.

An average consistency, which made me automatically think this wasn't going to be very intensive, but don't let that mislead you. As it is! The consistency of this deep conditioner actually lends itself to being in a top down tube, but this could just be a personal gripe.

How does it meet their claims?
Lightweight formula?  A intensive conditioner despite its surprisingly average consistency
Improves the look and feel of hair?  After using this I don't need to use other products, it just feels soft and fluff free!

I contacted the parent company of John Frieda and they let me know that none of their companies test on animals which is always reassuring to know.

+ A lightweight deep conditioner
+ Leaves hair nicely conditioned
+ Doesn't leave your hair fluffy
+ Doesn't weigh down your hair

- Screw top jar
- Scent may not be to everyone's taste

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Also I tried out a voluminous side bun using these products

9 / 10

[I was sent this product to review, all my opinions are unaffected by this]


  1. totally understand the water in the jar problem, i have it with directions and manic panic colors that i use while im in the shower XD
    but 9/10 still sounds good!

    1. Yes I will be repurchasing. Can I ask how you use the colours in the shower? I use directions but not in the shower.


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