4 May 2012

Review: John Frieda Full Repair - Shampoo + Conditioner (Step 1)

Step One 
According to John Frieda this is the repair stage; "The Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner contain patented technology. Used together the formulas help to repair both the internal and external structure of the hair resulting in a flawless, full-bodied style"

What do I think?
The claim of repairing the structure of the hair is a bit misleading. It's not possible to repair it once it has split, however you can give your hair the appearance of a repaired structure. Inca Inchi oil - Is in the entire range, basically what it does is help the hair to look less damaged by binding the split ends together. It also coats the hair in order to protect it from any heat damage you might want to inflict on your hair in the process of making it look amazing!

Neither of these products leave your hair feeling weighed down, which is good seeing as it can be quite difficult to moisturise your hair without leaving it feeling limp.

+ Smell like standard shampoo and conditioner
+ Fair amount of product
+ Gives the appearance of less split ends 
+ Makes my hair smooth, with less fly always without making it look oily or weighing it down
+ Conditioner isn't thin

- Doesn't actually repair the hair, just the illusion

I would recommend these to try as they aren't a bad product, just don't expect a miracle. I won't be repurchasing these because I don't think they did anything special to my hair. I actually bought these two items myself before I was sent a further set to review.

Step 1
Shampoo and Conditioner: Review
Deep Conditioning: Review

Step 2
Perfect Ends Serum: Review

Step 3
Root Lift Foam: review
Heat Activated Styling Spray: review

Also I tried out a voluminous side bun using these products

7 / 10

Shampoo - 250ml
Conditioner - 250ml

Currently on offer at Boots, 2 for £7.50

[product provided for review purposes, this doesn't effect my honest opinion]


  1. can someone please tell me why i've never used john frieda before? (or i forgot?!) i just feel strange with that company ... but this does not sound too bad!

    1. Is it sold where you are? If you get the right product for your hair type then usually they are good :)


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