6 May 2012

Review: Nail Art Brushes

Because I go through nail art brushes relatively fast I prefer to get cheaper ones. I imagine its the pure acetone which eats away at them and ultimately destroys them. This particular set is good, it comes with six brushes and a dotting tool. In addition to this set I would recommend a set of dotting tools in various sizes and a very small brush (0000) for details. 

You need not spend a small fortune on equipment, for about £5 you can get all you need. These brushes serve there purpose well and I have used them all other than the fan brush as I am yet to adventure in to that creative world. I'd recommend these ones and once I have managed to destroy my set I will repurchase.

£1.33 - 7pcs


  1. so are there any brushes that will not die from acetone? or is there any good acetone free polish remover we could use to clean?

    1. I use pure acetone to clean up any dodgy painting jobs I have done. If you were using them to freehand something on your nails then maybe you could use a less abrasive remover. I've not even thought to try that lol!


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